A VR game concept prototyped with A-Frame

Student Project
Parteners Nikka Foroughi Maoz Nagauker
Design Studio 300 - Game Design
Mentor Haig Armen
Emily Carr University Interaction Design
October 2019 - December 2019
Game Brief
This raccoon simulator is a first person VR game. Using PVE tactics the player is immersed into a family of Raccoons living in a thriving forest. The forest has sites and sounds of animals all around the player, giving the player a calm and soothing setting to learn and understand their environment, foraging for berries and nuts, fending off meals from other forest creatures. This environment will give the player prompts, guiding them through the controls of the game, moving through this space, the player will understand the goal to take care of your raccoon family.​​​​​​​

Research and Story Development
being that our  product works within the VR space, the  gear required to run the game is inherently expensive which forces our persona’s to be user’s that have disposable income and have  a basic understanding of forest fires as well as raccoons & they're traits.
our game aims to be playful, and geared towards a younger audience that has a passive involvement in climate change.
using a swot analysis we determined major plot holes, and areas to understand replayability, goals and experiences strengths of game play style as well as points of interest to the user. This process also outlined a lot of problems with our chosen RPG format and the aspect of solo gameplay.
We outlined the major pain and gain points in the user's play-through with a collective journey map. This presents a tutorial, the call to action, and the beginning of the user's main story showing the flow of the user's experience in the process.
VR Storyboard
With 360° storyboards we can outline what the user's field of view is, and what major components should be outlined.
Colour Scheme
The colour scheme changes according to the environment and the vibe we want to convey. The forest feels very fresh and safe with shades of green.
The tutorial begins with a small and easy quest to find berries, these berries will be the basis for using the raccoons animal instinct skills to help aid them throughout the game. 
Scene Mockup

Call to action, initiation of main storyline
When finished the tutorial the player will begin to notice a slow burn in the environment surrounding, the forest is on fire. This will cause the player to run in a frantic away from the easy and playful forest, following only their animal instincts leading them away from all things the raccoon family has known.
VR Storyboard
Colour Scheme
Continuing our tutorial section, this call to action removes the ease into gameplay and entices a section of anxiety for the user. This introduces the use of animal instinct to help get the user through more difficult gameplay and creates a sense of "super power" to the raccoon.
The Animal instinct shows a path of travel, and removes distractions pushing user's to interest area's. Highlighted in the top left of the HUD white leaves are seen as a type of mana that fall away as the use of animal instinct continues. This can be recharges by eating berries.
When taking damage, the screen breathes red to notify the user. This will also indicate the location of the threat, and provide an escape route for the user.
Scene Mockup
Open World Story Begins
The forest fire escape ends when the player finds its way into the world of humans. This will launch the main storyline of the game, finding a way to live in the new urban environment where the humans thrive. The player will be immersed in the world of urban wildlife, discovering new ways to find food, navigating through car filled streets, interacting with dogs and cats, and so many more of the stresses the modern raccoon feels within the city limits. The player will need to find a home, find sources for food, and have a list of quests to complete. 
VR Storyboard
Colour Scheme
The city colours contrast the forest with shades of concrete grey, only bringing colour in parks to amplify the idea of nature being the raccoons home. This drives home the idea of an animal in a foreign environment, and helps bring the overall empathy of a displaced creature to the gameplay.
Scene Mockup
For prototyping purposes we finished our A-Frame prototype here, where we can imagine a raccoon moving through this city and opening a world of new quests, exploration and shenanigans.
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