2021 Bachelor of Interaction Design

Reimagining the role of the WiFi Router

Capstone Research and Development
Product Design
September 2020 - March 2021
Today we face unprecedented threats to our privacy through our everyday use of computers, tablets and phones.
David helps people engage in understanding our digital footprint by pulling back the curtain on Surveillance Capitalism’s invasive effects of our networks. By tracking the data trackers, David provides a realtime visual representation of the ongoing surveillance that is being conducted and provides tools for blocking and blacklisting the perpetrators via your existing home WiFi Router.
Project Measures of Success 
Focal Features
A series of visualizations will pair with aspects of network health, and be displayed on the front of the new WIFI router.

These visualizations are used to drive interests to unique user needs. Seeing these as public art, on the face of a WiFi router intrigues the audience; wanting to know the source of the data that causes  each emotional piece.
This Is 
The new standard of WiFi router rebuilt as the first line of defence from the digital world. Updating the health of any network in real time, a beacon of protection informing the home of the unseen effects in our connected world​​​​​​​
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