Everyone has a story here's a little of my own.

My name is Colby, I'm an Emily Carr University 4th year Bachelor of Design student, majoring in Interaction Design. My goal as a designer is to increase the experience of all users, developing new and exciting tools to enhance their experience on the day to day. I spend my free time taking photos and finding other excuses to play outside with my partner Barbara and our awesome dog Kahlo. You can find me rain, shine or snow fishing the rivers throughout British Columbia.

I am always developing my understanding of the world through design. Using my previous life experiences and observations of the world and community to inform my design decisions after extensive research and understanding of the user-group. My love for all things inclusive brings a great umbrella to critical thinking and ideating extraordinarily. I love to hear I'm wrong and am never afraid to speak my mind or engage in a critique. My work aims to be equally bio-inclusive and human-centered, hopefully smoothing the traditional lines between the human-user experience and the experience of the flora and fauna that came before us.

My Beliefs As A Designer
Each project begins with a series of tools to research the user. Research creates an understanding of those we design for, giving us a point to launch off from.
Every path should be paved through innovation, focusing on new ways to design in ways beneficial to the ecosystem and those who live in it.
I believe every user has a unique impairment disconnecting them from their services, and each unique user leads designers to be at the forefront of developing new ways to aid them
Human - Centered
The tech sector moves quickly, and designers must be ahead of the industry, following ethical codes that define the creation of new prototypes and solidifying its role in our communities.
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I love hearing others stories, drop me a line and we can have a conversation!
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